Apartments for sale in Bulgaria by SunHomes

Apartments for sale in Bulgaria by SunHomes
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We have summarized the buying process in the following step-by-step scheme

STEP 1: Reservation
Once you have decided which apartment you wish to buy, you can reserve your apartment with us either by phone, post, e-mail or here. We will reserve the apartment, chosen by you for 5 days. In that period we will wait for your reservation fee. The reservation fee for all apartments is EUR 1000. The payment may be made by bank transfer or cash. The reservation fee is refunded, when the deposit is paid. In case you decide not to buy, the reservation fee can not be refunded. Important!

STEP 2: Inspection trip
Buying a real estate is a consequence of serious consideration. In order to ease your objective decision we organize special visits for you. We let you inspect and rate our properties on your own.

During your inspection visit your comfort is guaranteed. We make all accommodation arrangements, help you getting familiar to the buying process, provide car at your disposal, etc. !

STEP 3: Preliminary Contract
On receiving the reservation fee, we will contact you for confirmation of the payment and we will send two copies of the Preliminary Contract (by e-mail or regular post), both of which you need to sign and send back to us at address:

57 “Hristo Botev” Blvd,
1303 Sofia

All taxes for this parcel will be paid by us in advance.

Once you have sent the signed Preliminary Contracts, you have 15 days to pay the deposit (30 % of the purchase cost), which secures the property and the deal. When the deposit is received, we will send back to you the Preliminary contract, signed by us.

STEP 4: Sign the Notary Deed
The remainder of the purchasing price (70%) will be due not later than 45 days later and after receiving the payment, we will exchange the Final Contracts (Notary Deed) for the purchase of the apartment.

* Your travel and living expenses will be refunded, when the deposit is paid on conclusion of the Preliminary Contract.

Buying Process
We have summarized the buying process in the following step-by-step
Step 1: Sign the Final
Step 2: Preliminary Contract
Step 3: Payment of deposit
Step 4: Sign the Final Contract of purchase

Customer care and after sales service
Inspection visits can be arranged. Step by step assistance can also be provided. The developer has a reputation for providing an excellent service to ensure buying your new home is stress free and runs smoothly. (c) 04/18